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9am to 5.30pm

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Grainger Market plan showing the location of Sloppy Joe's Deli & Sandwich Bar inside the Grainger Market.



Deli & Sandwich Bar


“For the best street food in Newcastle, have your fill at Sloppy Joe’s today!”


The Sloppy Way: Get creative with your food: Choose your outer, pick your filling from our counter, we’ll throw in the salad and help yourself to a condiment from our sauce selection corner!



So good...even your Sicilian grandmother won’t need to cook at home anymore.



We have a wide variety on our menu but can also make up any combination to suit you... The sloppy way.



Freshly prepared salads.



We’ve got Italian espresso coffee by Bristot, which is 85% Arabica Grand cru and 15% Robusta Grand cru.  We sell a range of hot and cold drinks including the famous Smoothie Joe’s in four different flavours for £2.


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Grainger Market Plan

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Unit 30, Alley 1,

Grainger Market





Twitter: @sloppyjoesdeli

Facebook: Sloppy Joe’s

Opening hours: 7.30am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

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The closest entrances to Sloppy Joe’s are on Grainger Street and Nun Street.

A L L E Y  O N E

Photograph of the counter at Sloppy Joe's shop.

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