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Newcastle, NE1 5JQ

VJW Jewellery


Beads & Jewellery Shop


Come along and take a look at our jewellery, from fun and funky to classic and stylish!


Customised Jewellery

If youíre looking a gift thatís a bit different, you could consider having a piece of jewellery custom-made.† You could pick your colours, or have your own ideas incorporated into a design.


Repair Service

We also offer a beaded jewellery repair service.† We can fix or alter your old, broken jewellery and make it into something new.† We also offer a restringing service, including pearl restringing.


Bead Shop

We also stock a large selection of beads, findings, stringing material and beading accessories.


You can find our shop in the Arcade part of the Grainger Market, under the glass roof and near to the cafes.


We look forward to meeting you :)

Grainger Market Plan

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Shop B Grainger Arcade, Grainger Market

Telephone: 07951 573092

Web site: www.vjwjewellery.co.uk

e-mail: info@vjwjewellery.co.uk

Twitter: @vjwjewellery

Facebook: /vjwjewellery

Instagram: @vjwjewellery

Pinterest: vjwjewellery

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

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Beads & Jewellery

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The closest entrances to VJW Jewellery are on Nelson Street & Clayton Street.


Grainger Market plan showing the location of VJW Jewellery


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