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9am to 5.30pm

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Weigh House



Straddling Alley One and Alley Two inside the Grainger Market is the Weigh House.


Weigh Houses were once a feature of many markets up and down the country, it was originally used by traders to weigh their deliveries.  When the Market was first built, the Weigh House was on the opposite side of Alley One, but now its one of the few units within the Market which have entrances on more than one alleyway.


Today the Weigh House is a hub inside the Market and has many uses.  It is staffed by Newcastle City Council


Have yourself weighed

One of those is getting yourself discretely weighed.  For 30p (price correct as at July 2015) you can receive a little ticket with your weight marked.


Grainger Market booklet

You can pick up a (free) booklet with information about the Grainger Market.  If you have any queries about the Grainger Market, the Weigh House should be your first stop.


Tourist information

There’s also a wealth of information available, including maps of the city centre and other tourist information.


Please note

The Weigh House does not keep the same hours as the Grainger Market itself.  Please contact Newcastle City Council directly with any queries.

Grainger Market Plan

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Unit 34 (Alley 1) and Unit 59 (Alley 2)

Grainger Market

Opening hours: 8.30am til 4.30pm, Monday to Saturday

Photograph of the Weigh House and its sign.  By Karl Wilson.