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Small Business Saturday


Celebrating the Grainger Market’s small, local and independent businesses on Small Business Saturday


Published 19 November 2014



Small Business Saturday is being held again this year on Saturday 6th December. This event has the primary aim to promote small businesses in the North East. In 2013 the campaign reached 48% of UK consumers which is a great starting basis for an event like this.


The Grainger Market is taking part in Small Business Saturday. We’re hoping to raise awareness of the fantastic small, local and independent businesses situated within the Grainger Market.  We spoke to John Phillips, Chairman of the Grainger Market & Arcade Traders’ Association, who said:


“The Grainger Market is a tremendous asset to our local community and its really great that small businesses run by local people make up such a huge and substantial number of the Grainger Market's units. The traders and their units provide a very positive impact within the local community thus making the importance of the Grainger Market extremely high to our customers.”


The contribution small businesses make to the economy, both local and national, is phenomenal.  Its the local contribution that particularly stands out.  For example, for every pound spent in a local small business, around 70p stays in and is re-circulated around the local economy.  Many small businesses use local supplies, local tradesmen and other local firms.


We’d love for you to visit the Grainger Market and meet the traders and see their various businesses.  Over the next month we’ll also be focusing on some of the Grainger Market’s small businesses here so you can read their own unique story.




Article written by Karl Wilson & John Phillips on behalf of the Grainger Market & Arcade Traders’ Association




Read more about Small Business Saturday: smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com